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Controla Todo En Tu Casa!
  • Controla las luces basado en el tiempo y la ocupación!
  • Controla los termostatos basado en las agendas y la ocupación!
  • Asegura que todas las puertas tanto como todas las cerraduras están cerradas remotamente!
  • Monitorea cameras de video con tu telephone, tableta (o reloj- proximamente)!
  • Cierra el agua automáticamente cuando las fugas son detectadas!
  • Mantente al tanto de lo que pasa en tu segunda casa o propiedad en renta!
  • Receive alertas habladas, anuncios y recordatorios (en Ingles)!
  • Controla costos de energy en base a su utilización y proyecciones!
  • Controla y programa tu casa con tu voz (en Ingles)!
  • Asseverate que las puertas del Garage estan cerradas antes de dormir!
  • Controla equipo de audio y video en toda tu casa!
  • Detecta vehiculos llegando o saliendo de tu entrada de coches!
  • Customiza tu telefono inteligente (smartphone) o las pantalla de tu tablet
  • Apaga completamente equipo de audio y video y otros equipos en la noche o cuando no eaten en uso!

HomeSeer works with IFTTT

HomeSeer is proud to be one of more than 170 channel partners working with IFTTT today. Click here to learn more about our special partnership.
Controla el Resto de Tu Mundo Tambien!
IFTTT is an free optional web service that allows users to create “recipes” to integrate the apps, products and services they love and use everyday. Activate our HomeSeer channel on IFTTT and you’ll be able to do some pretty amazing stuff!

check out these HomeSeer IFTTT recipes!

Your Home is Always Within Reach with a HomeSeer Tabletop Touchscreen

Your Home is Always Within Reach!

Our Android-powered “Control Pad” tabletop touchscreen puts your home within easy reach 24 hours a day!  The unit is free standing, has built-in WiFi, stereo sound and boots automatically to our HSTouch mobile app. Control Pad is the perfect HomeSeer control portal for…

  • bedroom nightstands
  • kitchen counter-tops,
  • living room coffee & end tables,
  • basements, garages and work benches

and, since it’s Android-powered, Control Pad can multitask by running scores of other Android apps.

See the WFTT07 Control Pad in action | Learn More

Safer & More Reliable than “smart hubs”!

HomeSeer controllers are more secure and reliable than smart hubs!

Fact: Our “HomeTrollers” are internetindependent home automation controllers that provide full-time (24/7) automation and access to your home. With HomeSeer, your personal information is never stored in the cloud and your home will always be automated, even during an internet outage.

Smart hubs are not secure and become unusable when the internet is down

Fact: Competing “smart hubs” store your personal information in the cloud and are totally reliant on the internet for automation and access to your home. If your internet connection is interrupted, all automation features and access to your home are disabled!

With HomeSeer, Your Private Automation Information Stays in the Home

A Controller for Every Need & Budget!
Other companies offer a “one-size-fits-all” approach to home automation.  At HomeSeer, we understand that needs and budgets can vary quite a bit from one person to the next.  That’s why we offer a complete line of controllers starting at just $199.95.  All systems include our award-winning HS3 software. Learn more

HomeSeer Offers Home Automation Controllers for Every Need & Budget

click here to compare HomeSeer controllers

Mobile App Custom Design Tool Available!
HSTouch Designer allows you to fully customize our mobile app! Modify our existing “projects” or create your very own from scratch. With HSTouch Designer, you can use your backgrounds, buttons and graphics.. and your imagination! Learn more

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